Things Are Changing

Lately, I’ve received a few questions asking about my novels: Where do I purchase them? Why aren’t they available in e-book anymore? When is the next one coming out? I’ve avoided this subject like the plague because, honestly, I just wasn’t sure what to say. Until now!

 Back in 2017 I began querying literary agents and publishers for my first novel, WHEN IT ALL GOES STILL. I was a brand new, infant baby writer, with high hopes but low expectations my book would ever see the light of day. I was new to the craft, and new to the industry. To my surprise, four contract offers from different publishers rolled in. So maybe I didn’t completely suck, after all. *Fist Pump*

 I spent a week or so going over my options, praying I wouldn’t make the wrong choice in publisher, and polling family and author friends on who I should chose. Out of the four, I had developed a great connection with the owner of one of the houses. Her communication (at the time) was spot on. She was friendly, professional, and the growing list of authors within the house seemed promising. I chose them. And I chose wrong. 

 I will attempt to say this with all the southern grace I can muster on this particular situation, but there were manybreaches of contract on my publisher’s part. I will not dive into the gory details and spill all the tea, but there is a lovely article written by Victoria Strauss of Writer’s Beware dedicated to what happened to nearly every single author with my publishing house. Basically, we got done dirty, ya’ll. (Link: Thankfully, out of this terrible situation came some awesome friendships with some amazing authors. We continue to encourage and support one another, and I’ll take that over my missing royalty checks any day. 

 In December 2018, all rights to my novels reverted back to me and Fiery Seas Publishing closed their doors after losing all of its authors. I was bummed. This wasn’t how my dream was supposed to end. So…I didn’t let it. 

 Fiery Seas Publishing may have been a pot hole on my road to reaching my traditional publishing goal, but the pathway was still there as long as I just kept the dang car on the road. 

 So, what did I do? I poured myself into writing a new novel, something different, with characters who wrote the book for me and a plot that got my heart racing. It’s suspenseful and a little gritty, and it’s something I’m proud of. I completed the final stages of editing in January and as it currently sits, the full manuscript is under consideration with a lot of folks who make me feel all giddy inside. *Happy Dance*

 As for my already published books? I’ve found a new publisher for WHEN IT ALL GOES STILL (woo hoo!) And with a new publisher comes a new book cover! Who doesn’t love a good makeover?  I am thrilled my very first book is getting its second chance with The Wild Rose Press. I’ll be announcing the re-release dates soon! BREAK THE LINE (also getting a new cover) and THE SOUTH WINDS will be republished as e-books. 

 Moral of the story: Don’t chose wrong! Just kidding. Resiliency is what I took away from this experience. Pull up your big girl panties and fight for your dreams. Make shiz happen…and avoid nasty potholes.